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How to Brighten a Dark Home

This is a fantastic post that is now relevant due to our fall time change. There are great tips to lighten your home, helping to maintain your healthy light needs! Originally published: Asbell, Steve. “How to brighten a dark home.”  Zillow Porchlight  30 Oct. 2017

Brighten a dark home

Dreading the end of Daylight Saving Time? Trick your way into a brighter space — even when the natural light prospects are dim.


Real Estate Agent Columbus, OH

Real Estate Agent Columbus, OH

Definition: A real estate agent is an individual who is licensed to negotiate and arrange real estate sales. Negotiate and arrange: can include showing property, listing property, creating contracts, listing agreements, and purchase contracts. Real estate agents generally are licensed to operate under the supervision of a real estate broker.

To make it clear early in this article, real estate laws and agent duties and licensing are regulated by state laws.


Buy a House, Not a Home!

Buying a house versus a home.





    guest contributor: Del Taylor

Although the words House and Home are highly interchangeable, it is necessary to stay focused on which word is dealt with first. When buying one, a “House” should always be in the forefront, not the opposite. The word House implies a structure with doors, windows, and rooms. This is what is being sold, it is up to you to transform that House into a “Home.”


Hats Off, City of Columbus!

Anders Team giving a cheer for real estate promotion.

We are giving a “Hats Off” to the City of Columbus for the promotion of home ownership in Columbus.

This program, American Dream Downpayment Initiative (ADDI) Program, assists low and moderate income households to finance the acquisition of a first home in the City of Columbus, Columbus City School District.

“The ADDI program is a five-year deferred forgivable loan.  The buyer(s) must reside in the property for five years after closing or the funds must be repaid to the City.  The property is unable to be sold, rented, or transferred during these five years and must remain as the sole residence of the buyer(s).  After the five years, the mortgage and restrictive covenant are released on the property and the loan is forgiven.”

What an opportunity for the citizens of Columbus! We thank you, Columbus, and The Anders Team will continue our support of your efforts on behalf of all potential homeowners.

Here is the link that provides a description of this program along with contact information and eligibility requirements. We encourage everyone to check this out; A tenant today, and a homeowner tomorrow!

Your Home’s Value

stacks of coins next to a wooden house


How would you place a value on your current home; What a homebuyer is willing to pay, what a professional appraiser would say, or your personal opinion of what it is worth, there will always be a difference as there are ways of perceiving a home’s value. Trying to price your home, before putting it on the market, often is a blending of multiple theories to place a value. We will try here, to present how these three opinions differ and how they are mostly  in line with today’s selling and buying of Columbus homes for sale. (more…)

Basic Home Preservation

an inspector and couple looking at a home exterior

Image by (Bent Nail)

Should you currently own a home, you no doubt consciously stay aware of the apparent day-to-day normal wear and tear of your home. Updating and modernizing is of importance to maintaining the home’s value, but I am going to start with the basics of easy and cost-effective measures that help save before the major disasters occur. There is so much valuable information as to the maintenance and upkeep of a house available online; online is a great source to stay above water and on schedule with preserving your investment. I was lucky enough to get my awareness growing up.

I gained great insight about home caretaker-ship from my parents who included the children for the care of the family home. As any prepared team, here were their three main objectives our parents explained to us, in keeping the home in good condition: “A good roof,” “A dry foundation,” and “Early detection of the small problems.”


Who wants to live in Hilliard OH?

    the view of downtown hilliard ohio

I have a guess you might, or this article would not have attracted your attention. Well, join the club. Great numbers of Columbus Metropolitan residents have an eye on this need, or dream, of having a home located in the City of Hilliard; The Hilliard Schools System; convenient commuter distance to their workplace; the abundance of parks and recreational facilities; reasonable cost of home ownership, and the diverse selection of neighborhoods all, feed that drive. (more…)

Chasing that home!

Whoever thought that homes for sale would be at such low availability? Our Central Ohio area is flooded with ready-to-go homebuyers who face the shortage in the Realtor’s “for sale” portfolios,stick figures running to the front door of a home causing a massive scramble to accommodate ready home buyers; even so, home sellers, on the whole, are taken back by the suddenness of a purchase contract, even multiple offers, while the paint on the yard sign has yet to dry. (more…)

Knowing when the real estate is right!

Man and woman looking at the exterior of a home

Deciding on a new home is both thrilling and scary at the same time. You can be befuddled between deciding on a home in the best school district or best commuter location to work. Maybe you are questioning if you will be able to manage the maintenance of a home. “What do I do if I have to choose between these possible variables?” (more…)