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How to Brighten a Dark Home

This is a fantastic post that is now relevant due to our fall time change. There are great tips to lighten your home, helping to maintain your healthy light needs! Originally published: Asbell, Steve. “How to brighten a dark home.”  Zillow Porchlight  30 Oct. 2017

Brighten a dark home

Dreading the end of Daylight Saving Time? Trick your way into a brighter space — even when the natural light prospects are dim.


Hosting Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year? With so many details to coordinate, guests to host and dishes to cook, having a plan will save headaches and pave the way for a beautiful feast you can really feel grateful for. This breakdown of just what to do and when, from the early preparations to Thanksgiving day, can help.



Real Estate Agent Columbus, OH

Real Estate Agent Columbus, OH

Definition: A real estate agent is an individual who is licensed to negotiate and arrange real estate sales. Negotiate and arrange: can include showing property, listing property, creating contracts, listing agreements, and purchase contracts. Real estate agents generally are licensed to operate under the supervision of a real estate broker.

To make it clear early in this article, real estate laws and agent duties and licensing are regulated by state laws.


Hats Off, City of Columbus!

Anders Team giving a cheer for real estate promotion.

We are giving a “Hats Off” to the City of Columbus for the promotion of home ownership in Columbus.

This program, American Dream Downpayment Initiative (ADDI) Program, assists low and moderate income households to finance the acquisition of a first home in the City of Columbus, Columbus City School District.

“The ADDI program is a five-year deferred forgivable loan.  The buyer(s) must reside in the property for five years after closing or the funds must be repaid to the City.  The property is unable to be sold, rented, or transferred during these five years and must remain as the sole residence of the buyer(s).  After the five years, the mortgage and restrictive covenant are released on the property and the loan is forgiven.”

What an opportunity for the citizens of Columbus! We thank you, Columbus, and The Anders Team will continue our support of your efforts on behalf of all potential homeowners.

Here is the link that provides a description of this program along with contact information and eligibility requirements. We encourage everyone to check this out; A tenant today, and a homeowner tomorrow!

Celebrating Our Work Ethic.

the United States flag as a symbol of Labor DayLabor Day is fast approaching, September 4, 2017. For many of us in the United States, it symbolizes the unofficial end of summer; a return to school and a digging in at work. (more…)