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Basic Home Preservation

an inspector and couple looking at a home exterior

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Should you currently own a home, you no doubt consciously stay aware of the apparent day-to-day normal wear and tear of your home. Updating and modernizing is of importance to maintaining the home’s value, but I am going to start with the basics of easy and cost-effective measures that help save before the major disasters occur. There is so much valuable information as to the maintenance and upkeep of a house available online; online is a great source to stay above water and on schedule with preserving your investment. I was lucky enough to get my awareness growing up.

I gained great insight about home caretaker-ship from my parents who included the children for the care of the family home. As any prepared team, here were their three main objectives our parents explained to us, in keeping the home in good condition: “A good roof,” “A dry foundation,” and “Early detection of the small problems.”

The Good Roof a home's roof as pictured from the outside

Every time when in the yard or arriving/leaving the house, they would glance at the outside of our house, no matter which side of the house they were on. Looking at the roof for loose or lost shingles, checking the chimney and it’s flashing, watching the main roofline for sag, out-of-line venting apparatuses, and the guttering and down spouting.


illustration of a home's foundation

The Dry Foundation

While in the basement, we were to report any sign of dampness and/or dark spots on the basement walls. The attention was even directed to all visible wood sills for indications of pest infestation or water rot. This inspection would include the surveying of the floors (cracks in the floor &  moisture collecting),  loose stair treads and handrails.


leaking spigot

The Early Detection

There was attention to all of the home’s instruments used in daily life: faucets; electrical switches and plug-ins; door handles, hinges, and locks; windows and their screening; toilet drips or leaks; fireplace structure and chimney cleaning; lighting fixtures; fire alarms; outside surrounding trees and shrubbery; the condition of sidewalks and driveways.

Many items were reported and more money than I could count was saved.  We developed a pride in home ownership long before any of us actually owned homes of our own. This was indeed a great idea that parents pass on, life at home is more relaxed and enjoyed when the whole of the family gets involved.


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